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Dear Customer:

Before you shop on Hollyshop.com, please read this notice carefully:

1. All cross-border products sold by the Hollyshop (http://www.hollyshop.cn) website will be regarded as foreign products bought abroad; According to the relevant laws and regulations of China, the cross-boarder products you purchase are only for personal use and can not be re-sold.

2. The quality, function, safty, health, environmental protection and label of all cross-border products you purchase on Hollyshop are conform to the standards and requirements of their country of origin, but may be different from the ones of China; You will be responsible for all the losses, risks and legal consequences arising therefrom.

3. The cross-border products you purchase on Hollyshop may not have label or manual in Chinese; You should view the product details on our website carefully or contact our online customer service before you place your order if you need further information .

Thank you and wish you a wonderful shopping experience with us.




1. 您通过本网站购买的所有跨境商品等同于境外购买。根据相关法律政策,您选购的跨境商品仅限于个人自用,不得进行二次销售。

2. 您购买的所有跨境商品的质量、性能、安全、健康、卫生、环保、标识等项目均符合原产地相关标准或技术规范要求,但可能与中国法定标准存在差异。由此可能造成的危害、损失或相关法律责任以及其他风险,将由您个人承担。

3. 在跨境电子商务平台购买的境外商品本身可能无中文标签或中文说明书。如需了解商品详情,请仔细阅读商品详情页的中文介绍,或联系本网站客服人员咨询。

4. 在订单清关环节,海关可能会抽查验核订单真实性,拨打购买人的电话核实信息。必要时可能需要您提供订购人身份证正、反面复印件,或手持身份证的照片验核交易真实性。

感谢您的配合。祝您在 Hollyshop 购物愉快。




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